How to select a community in Dubai where to live?

Choosing a community or sub-community in Dubai is very complex. When you are looking for a place to live, things are not so simple to choose from. Everything does not revolve around the property only. You also have to think carefully about the neighborhood because a suitable house within a wrong community doesn't always ensure the comfort of living. To make this challenging decision easier to manage, we have developed a few crucial points that one should consider before shifting to a new home

Important Factors About Communities In Dubai

Because the UAE attracts the largest number of ex-pats around the world, choosing the right community to live in can be a tricky decision. When you're looking for housing in the UAE, here are the few things that you must seek out. 

  • Your home budget

No matter how much you're earning, your budget and affordability is still the most important thing, and it should be your 1st concern as well. Apart from rents, there are many other factors payable like groceries, payments for utility services like electricity and water, taxes, and maintenance charges. In UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most popular expats hubs. When it comes to pricing, remember that Dubai is the most expensive city in UAE to live in, followed by Abu Dhabi. Sharjah, Fujairah, and others are less costly options. 

  • Your next property size 

Throughout the UAE, there are plentiful options, ranging from high-rise apartment buildings to luxurious villas, gated communities, and townhouses. The rental contracts in the UAE last for at least one year and cost substantial fines if broken. Your residential requirement might be different if you're a single professional, and for families, larger spaces are more suitable. Moreover, there are many short-term rentals also available. Therefore, always make sure about the size. The option might include renting a 1-bedroom apartment, 2, or 3-bedroom apartment, ranging up to a 6-bedroom villa also which are more expensive options. 

  • Your working place

Employment or work location is the most crucial factor before making your decision to live. Your working place is the decisive factor. Long story short, always prefers to choose a place which is near to your work. Moreover, due to traffic congestion, 40-50minutes drives in Dubai are ubiquitous. 

  • The education system 

Reviewing proper educational standards and options is necessary to view, especially when you're moving with your family and kids. Therefore, the importance of good schools can't be denied. Almost all the communities had the best educational networks and schools available but choosing the one in your proximity is necessary. Therefore, schools are the far most important things to make focus if you're moving with family and school-going kids. 

Living in Dubai

As one of the most populous cities of UAE; Dubai is the land of opportunities, which is why it attracts the most ex-pats compared to other cities. Just 40 years ago, Dubai was a small fishing port, and then this oil-rich city transformed itself into a modern-day wonder. Now, it's the city of skyscrapers, the world's tallest building, the largest malls, fully developed infrastructure, and many other miracles happenings. Continuously developing while creating construction wonders, the dunes of the city are now the favorite tourist place. The economic boom already turned this small city into a modern-day wonder for the whole world. 

Communities & Neighborhoods in Dubai 

Dubai had a long list of communities and neighborhoods that are appropriately developed to maintain a joyful life. Every community in Dubai is full of facilities like shopping malls, healthcare centers, parks, parking, leisure areas, restaurants, multi-store, and hypermarkets. 

Top 5 Best Family Communities in Dubai

There are many neighborhoods in Dubai preferred by families. But, if you're a family person and choosing the residential area while keeping the family values ahead of everything, then here is a list of the top 5 communities best for families. 

1. Mirdif 

The community is the top choice for ex-pats with families. The reason is excellent schools, parks, recreational facilities, and outdoor sports courts. Located almost at the center of the city with easier access to everything, this community is also reasonably priced. The community had close connections with original areas of Dubai, close to Dubai International airport, as well as all the major highways connecting other parts of Emirates. All these amenities had made Mirdif a top choice for families to move on. 

Mirdif offers family-friendly living, which is why many residents are living here for years and consider Mirdif as their 1st and last choice. Accommodation in Mirdif had a list of options including the apartments, and villas, which are fantastically priced, and therefore affordable for most families.

Average rental prices:

  • 65k per year for a 2-bedroom flat
  • 160k per year for a 4-bedroom villa
  • 300k per year for an 8-bedroom villa

Data source:

2. Emirates living

Emirates living is another great place to live with families but with high budgets. The community is comprised of Emirates Hill and The Lakes, and, the springs are the top choices for families with higher budgets. Although the community had a higher price, its gates and families feel more secure. These residential areas had big schools like Dubai International Academy and Dubai British School. Additionally, there are service clubs for members of the communities. At Emirates living, one can have the best family living experience. 

3. Arabian Ranches 

Arabian ranches are one of the most beautifully landscaped areas on the outskirts of the bustling city. Fully maintained gardens, properly lined-up villa community manicure by the accurate Arabian housing layout. If you're a western ex-pat, this is an ideal place for you to live. There are excellent schools, health care facilities, shopping complexes, cafes, and restaurants. 

Because villas at Arabian Ranches at the top choice that why; the area also had a hefty price tag. The villas come in the configuration of 2 to 5 bedrooms, best for medium-sized families. Even the community had larger villas. Moreover, some villas are so huge that they look more like mansions. If you're looking to rent a luxury property at Arabian Ranches, you've to pay a reasonably significant price. Rents might rise up to a staggering ADE 160,000 and upwards of ADE 400,000.

Average rental prices:

  • 110k a year for a 2 bedroom villa
  • 130k a year for a 3 bedroom villa
  • 150k a year for a 4 bedroom villa
  • 170k a year for a 5 bedroom villa

Data were taken from

4. Green Community West

Green community west is also another prime area for families, because it's a traffic-free haven, and a family-friendly green community to live in. Apart from being a family-friendly area, the Green community west is also a top choice for families with kids. The community had too much to offer to kids. The amenities for kids include children's swimming pools, nurseries, Greenfield Community School, and the children's Garden Nursery.  

Average rental prices:

  • 45k a year for a Studio apartment
  • 70k a year for a 1-bedroom flat
  • 180k a year for a 3-bedroom villa

Data were taken from

5. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

JBR is one of the top choices for wealthy families. The status of JBR is unmatched, its highest living standards exceeding the definition of luxuries, describing the unmatched vision and unique development planning for most modern living. The areas had their own schools, monorail, and many other facilities making it perfect for families to live there. Tenants can rent the most luxurious properties of Dubai. 

Average Rental Prices 

  • 60K a year for studio apartment 
  • 80K a year for 1 Bed Apartment 
  • 100K a year for 2 Bed Apartment 
  • 135K a year for 3 Bed Apartment 

Data were taken from 

Top 5 Best Kid-Friendly Communities in Dubai

Families with communities tend to prefer safe and secure residential areas. If you're a family-oriented person and want to give your kids a great time in the middle east, then choose a community with open spaces, parks, play areas for kids, and cycling tracks. 

1. Sobha Hartland 

Sobha Hartland is a waterfront community along with the Dubai Water Canal. This gated community had beautiful villas and high-end townhouses. The area is spread over 8 million sq ft, with a panoramic view of the Dubai skyline.

30% of the land is dedicated to open spaces, green lands, community halls, indoor and outdoor sports activities, and kids' play areas. Additionally, its central location makes it easier to access every part of the city.  

2. District One 

This upscale gated community is a spectacular neighborhood to raise your kids. District One community had one of the best facilities for kids to enjoy their leisure time. This kid's friendly community is at the center of Dubai within Mohammad Bin Rashid City. 

The community had its own best educational networks, including famous names like Harland International School, Safa British Schools, Kent college, and Gem Our Own Indian school. 

3. Dubai Hills 

Dubai Hills is a planned development made specifically for kids, and families. If you're looking for a community preferably for your kids, Dubai Hills is the place for you to settle. The community consists of 3, 4, and 5-bedroom townhouses launched at the starting price of ADE 1.9 million.

  • 66K for a 1-Bedroom apartment 
  • 90K for 2 Bedroom Apartment 
  • 125k for 3-Bedroom Villa 
  • 136K for a 4-Bedroom Villa 
  • 165K for 5-Bedroom Villa 
  • 475K for 6-Bedroom Villa

Data were taken from 

Moreover, there are many other communities which you can choose for your living. Most of the areas in Dubai are recently developed. Therefore, every neighborhood had almost every amenity. 

Top Best Communities in Dubai for Bachelor

  • Dubai Motor City 

If you're looking for an Affordable Residential Area, don't confuse yourself with the name only- track days are only a few once a year, but that is the best time to enjoy your stay in Dubai Motor City. The community is a top choice for a bachelor. The community is heaven for motorsports fans because the whole community is developed according to the themes of sports. 

Apart from the track, it's the most beautiful community with wonderfully developed infrastructure with more emphasis on a healthy living style. Most bachelors prefer this location because it's near to Arabian Ranches and had budget-friendly price tags. 

  • Dubai International City 

Dubai international city is another affordable community for bachelors. It was the 5th most popular option for Buying an apartment in Dubai, and 6th for renting an apartment in Dubai. The project was launched in 2002 by Nakheel, so it went at the top for renting an apartment in Dubai, due to its low-raised country themes cluster. If you're a bachelor living in the most affordable housing along with every amenity, the international city should be your choice as a priority.

Average rentals in International City 

  • 23K a year for a Studio apartment
  • 33K a year for a 1-bedroom apartment 
  • 50K a year for a 2-bedroom apartment 
  • 70K a year for a 3-bedroom apartment 

Data were taken from 

  • Al Barsha 

For ex-pats, Barsha is one of the most popular destinations. It's centrally located in the city and close to 2 major roads. Al Barsha is the best location for commuters in Media city, internet city, and Emaar Business Park. From detached to semi-detached homes, Barsha is the best community for bachelors and small families.

  • Media City 

If you are working in any creative industry, then it's the best community to live in. Media City is where most news agencies, online media houses, and broadcasting facilities are based. Dubai media city had open parks and large scenic areas which makes this an excellent choice for a picnic and other leisure activities. Although there are apartments available Media city isn't a particular residential area, bachelors can find the most affordable apartments in tight areas such as Dubai Marina, Barsha heights, and green views. 

Finally, choosing the best community to live in Dubai can be time deciding made but every neighborhood and community in Dubai had access to the world's best amenities, including world-class educational options, technological integrations, open spaces, the world's largest parks and gardens, clubs & bars, nightlife, golden beaches with beachfront residencies. The residential opportunities ranging from small luxury studios, apartments, and luxurious villas are available.

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